Orinoco, Restaurant and Bar
Puerto Naos, La Palma
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Bar Restaurant Orinoco is a small family restaurant, just off the boulevard in Puerto Naos, serving local specialities.
Popular with Palmeros and tourists alike, it serves local food the way the locals like it.
The restaurant is simply decorated.
Nilo - an authentic Palmero - serves tapas, meat and fish dishes followed by traditional island desserts.
Drop in for a cup of coffee, lunch or an evening meal. The restaurant is open from around 11.00 until around 22.00.
Closed every Wednesday and on some festival days.
Try the local food, prepared the way the Palmeros like it.
There are several local fish, including swordfish steaks, choco's (whole squid) and, of course, the locally popular fried squid rings.
The meat includes pork and beef steaks, but also rabbit and sometimes kid (young goat).
Papas arugadas are local small potatoes, cooked in their skins in sea salt. Served with red an green sauces (mojo rojo and mojo verde) and/or alioli (garlic mayonnaise).
Don't forget to try the island special deserts, including Bienmesabe - a very sweet mixture of crushed almonds and honey, and Principe Alberto - a chocolate mouse with almonds.

The menu's are in Spanish, English, Dutch and German.

Bar Restaurant Orinoco is centrally located just off the boulevard of Puerto Naos, just a few minutes walk from the hotels and apartment and only 20 meters from the boulevard.

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